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The "Bird Brain" Firepots, Fire Fountains and Fire Tables that we carry at Fountains Feng Shui are an exquisite ceramic with a sparkling cloissone jewel look. These firepots, fire fountains and firetables are hand crafted and artisan glazed, to produce an exceptionally stunning and cool accent or center piece to any arrangement in a patio, poolside, home or garden.

The Firepots can be used to line walkways, place on columns, arrange on tables or simply place them on decks or patios.  Firepots can be used indoors or outdoors with our gel. You can choose these ceramics according to the colors and design of your environment.  The water and/or fire combination will bring an energizing feng shui chi.

Basket Fountain with Flame (SKU: AL-GIL468)Basket Fountain with Flame (SKU: AL-GIL468)
Cascading Fireplace Fountain with LED Lights (SKU: AL-GXT440)Cascading Fireplace Fountain with LED Lights (SKU: AL-GXT440)
Ceramic Fireopts (SKU: AL-TAB106Series)Ceramic Fireopts (SKU: AL-TAB106Series)
Ceramic Firepots (SKU: AL-TAB108Series)Ceramic Firepots (SKU: AL-TAB108Series)
Circle of Fire Kanji Clover Firepot (SKU: BB-11504239)Circle of Fire Kanji Clover Firepot (SKU: BB-11504239)
Copper Fire Table (SKU: BB-11024003)Copper Fire Table (SKU: BB-11024003)
Egyptian Stairway Fire Fountain (SKU: BB-11504226)Egyptian Stairway Fire Fountain (SKU: BB-11504226)
Fireplace LED Pebble Fountain (SKU: AL-GXT438)Fireplace LED Pebble Fountain (SKU: AL-GXT438)
Garden Mushroom Stool (SKU: BB-10904003)Garden Mushroom Stool (SKU: BB-10904003)
Granite Fountain with Firepot and Lights (SKU: AL-GRN332)Granite Fountain with Firepot and Lights (SKU: AL-GRN332)
Granite Tabletop Firepot (SKU: AL-GRN316)Granite Tabletop Firepot (SKU: AL-GRN316)
Granite Tabletop Firepot (SKU: AL-GRN318)Granite Tabletop Firepot (SKU: AL-GRN318)
Granite Tabletop Firepot (SKU: AL-GRN322BK)Granite Tabletop Firepot (SKU: AL-GRN322BK)
Lokie Firepot (SKU: BB-11504268)Lokie Firepot (SKU: BB-11504268)
Medieval Tower Fire Fountain (SKU: BB-11504227)Medieval Tower Fire Fountain (SKU: BB-11504227)
Modern Fiberglass LED Fountain (SKU: AL-GXT444)Modern Fiberglass LED Fountain (SKU: AL-GXT444)
Prometheus Firepot Medium (SKU: BB-11504220)Prometheus Firepot Medium (SKU: BB-11504220)
Slate Fire Table (SKU: BB-11024004)Slate Fire Table (SKU: BB-11024004)
Sphere Steel Outdoor Patio Fireplace (SKU: AL-FPK118)Sphere Steel Outdoor Patio Fireplace (SKU: AL-FPK118)
Three Tiered Fire Fountain (SKU: BB-11504235)Three Tiered Fire Fountain (SKU: BB-11504235)
Vesta Redstone Firepot (SKU: BB-11504272)Vesta Redstone Firepot (SKU: BB-11504272)
Wood Fire Table (SKU: BB-11024001)Wood Fire Table (SKU: BB-11024001)
Zen Fireplace Fountain with LED Lights (SKU: AL-GXT442)Zen Fireplace Fountain with LED Lights (SKU: AL-GXT442)

High Quality Decorative Indoor Fountains
We offer a great selection of decorative indoor fountains. If you are looking for rustic water fountains or other interior fountains and water features, you have come to the right place. Our decorative indoor fountains will add life to any room. offers a variety of products including: stone garden sculpture fountains, original stone or rock fountains, household garden water fountains, stone face water fountains, unique decorative home fountains, affordable interior water fountains and so much more. When it comes to decorative indoor fountains, we are your specialists
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