Feng Shui, Ch’i and Meditation

There are many ways to make our lives more tranquil, but few are easier, cheaper and more fulfilling than the ancient Chinese art of meditation.

Fountains of water can heighten the tranquil and calming affects of good meditation.

First , a few definitions: Ch’i is our cosmic breath. It is the energy within the air around us, the energy used by all living things upon the earth. This energy is a positive energy and a force of life that penetrates throughout the earth and all life. Ch’i means “breath” it is the force by which all trees, plants, streams, rivers and even volcanoes are created. Positive Ch’i is created by the gentle flow of water. Feng Shui in Chinese means wind and water. There is an art to Feng Shui in which the Chinese use placement and balance in nature to enhance our environment. This art dates back at least 5,000 years. How we use this balance of Feng Shui is very important in creating the best possible Ch’i energy in our environment.

According to the ancient Chinese, the Ch’i in our lives can be enhanced through meditation and a chosen healthy environment. Good Ch’i in your home that flows smoothly, improves and enhances the Ch’i of the humans in that home. To create a healthy environment in the home, a Ba-Gua chart is helpful in the placing of furniture in the home, however, here we would like to focus on the art of meditation to help our environmental and personal Ch’i.

In meditation, the use of a fountain with trickling, soothing water facilitates the activation of good Ch’i. Fountains are a microcosm of Ch’i, offering protection and strength against any bad Ch’i in your environment. In business, the Ch’i from water fountains encourages profits, but here we look for the calming, soothing ch’i of meditation.

First, the best position for a small fountain is in the southeast or east corner of the room in which you will meditate. Placed in this area, the fountain will favor relationships, communication and creativity. A fountain with a floating or spinning sphere is particularly supportive for meditation. Crystal or natural stone agate spheres have been used as ritual objects by the Chinese for thousands of years. A crystal sphere converts light into power and energy, and while spinning in the flowing water of a fountain will fill the room and home with powerful, positive ch’i. These fountains and sphere are excellent with the use of the Tratak technique of meditation.

To use the technique of Tratak meditation, you sit about 3 feet from the flowing fountain of water and gaze at the sphere in the water. Slowly regulate your breathing to even breaths, and begin to stare or gaze at the sphere. Relax, and blink as little as possible, don’t strain to see the sphere, but just look steadily and try to dismiss all thoughts from your mind except for the spinning sphere, while listening to the trickle of water. After about one minute, you can slowly close your eyes and keep focusing on the spinning sphere within your mind. Visualize the spinning sphere for as long as possible, breathing in even breaths slowly, if the image vanishes, just slowly open your eyes, focus again on the sphere and sound of the water, and repeat back to meditation.
If your fountain has no stones, just place a statue, dragon or tortoise in the water to restrain the positive Ch’i.

May all your meditations be positive. Namaste

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