Feng Shui and the Spirit of Change

There is a new spirit of change evolving around us called Feng Shui (pronounced fung shway). This ancient Chinese philosophy of creating harmonious environments is now becoming almost a household word with even Donald Trump talking about the use of Feng Shui for his New York high rises. TV, newspaper, magazines, radio , and books all abound with this latest and hottest new fad; or is Feng Shui something more permanent?

Let us first explore what it is. Feng Shui teaches us how to create harmony and balance around us. We say “as goes our environment so goes us” and vice versa. This means that if we pay attention to our environment then we will find ways of creating different realities in our lives. Literally translated from Chinese , Feng Shui, means wind and water. This is actually an inadequate interpretation due to the complexities of translating Chinese calligraphy into English. A few symbols in Chinese can tell an entire story. Upon further study we find that Feng Shui is an expression of the oneness and interconnectedness of all things on all levels and all dimensions. This is a key concept in understanding how our essence relates to everything else around us including our environment. As one begins to sense this oneness we then find that it is possible to gather insight from looking at our environment with “larger eyes”. We often say that Feng Shui teaches us what we already know.

When you enter an environment your internal computer gathers vast information about our surroundings. Perhaps it is telling you that the front door entrance is constricted and dark, the colors inside are dark and not very balanced and the wall is too close to the entrance as you walk in and it is compressing your energy field. You might also notice the earth energies are depleting your Chi on one side but on the other side of the room you sense that the earth energies are much more supportive. As you continue on your discovery into this space you tune in to the electronic pollution emanating from the electric powerline and transformer just outside the bedroom wall and it makes you feel somewhat irritated. In addition you now realize that the air quality is not too good and that your nose feels irritated and you are about to sneeze. You are also distracted by another irritant as you realize that there is some energy around that makes you feel like there was an argument in the house recently. Most of this awareness is processed deep within your subconscious. The goal of Feng Shui is to help us use this information to arrange our reality in more harmonious ways. Many wonderful stories exist of how people have used these teachings to bring health, prosperity and good fortune to their lives.

One story often shared by this author is about a woman who lived alone in a house where she had been for 19 years since the death of her husband. She was experiencing health issues, relationship deprivation, a lack of money, and an inability to achieve success in her career as an actress and theater director. She was stuck in survival and forced to accept menial jobs and was even experiencing difficulty securing regular menial work. She had read a little about Feng Shui and called us to see if we could be of help. Early in our consultation together it became clear that one of the major issues for her was clutter and debris in her home. She was a collector of antiques, books, baskets and various other objects that were so numerous that it was difficult to move about the house or find a free space to sit. She knew enough about Feng Shui to know that the placement of furniture etc. was really important and so she kept asking where to move this or that but soon we came back to the core issue which was why was it that she was creating this reality around her?

She began to understand that on some level she was surrounding herself with things out of a deep fear of lack of. Somehow it felt safer if she kept lots of things around her. It also became clear to her that there were emotions hidden behind all these things that she had not been willing to look at for a long time. Come to think of it she was really wanting to become a theater director and was deciding that she was ready to meet a man in her life. Of course it was time to create more income for herself too. So we did an energetic clearing of older denser energies to help her remove her attachments to physical things and then we left with plans to return in a week or two once she had cleared out some of her clutter and debris.

A few days later she called us and said she thought it was interesting that since our visit the phone had been ringing with calls from employers offering her work, albeit menial work. A little more time passed and she called again to say she was noticing that men were starting to pay attention to her and she did not know how to deal with these changes. She planned a lawn sale and did well, selling and giving away several items. It was starting to feel quite different in her home.

We then returned to her home for more Feng Shui work and helped her open up the energy flows in her living space and repositioned her desk in her office area. A mirror was placed in her bedroom to help redirect the energies there so that while she was in bed she could clearly see the doorway opening. We did more counseling about the relationship of the possession of things to her life’s experiences.

Sometime after our second visit she called back again, quite excited. She said that she had just received a call from an old friend who had been a very successful theater director in New York and then lost it all. This friend was now ready to make it big again and wanted to know if she would be interested in joining her on the ground floor as an assistant director and then climbing to the top with her. A few days later she announced that she had decided to follow spirit and move to New York. She since reports that things are going very well. Romance is in, career is great, and the body is much healthier. This story is just one of many wonderful experiences that people are having with the use of Feng Shui.

One powerful way to start using the principles of Feng Shui is to first hold the image of the perfect environment in your mind. Such an image might elicit a feeling of love, protection , and perfect harmony all around you. When you near the entrance to your driveway you begin to get this feeling that it is really good to be coming home. Notice how beautiful all the trees and animals are–so free and happy. Upon opening the front door your heart opens wide with this overwhelming feeling of love and harmony. The inner entrance contains a beautiful fountain with the sound of gentle flowing water. A place for everything and everything in its place takes on newmeaning as you realize that you have completed the process of freeing yourself of everything you no longer need and want.

Now as you walk into the living room you realize how perfect everything is. That one chair in the corner is your favorite. In the center of your high ceiling living room is a beautiful octagon shaped parquet floor that radiates energy in all directions The natural sun fills your home now– warming and rejuvenating you after a long drive home. The beautiful balanced use of colors throughout resonates with the gorgeous plants welcoming you as if they are truly happy that you are home. You realize that this place you call home has become so nurturing to you that you now carry this memory in your consciousness with you even when you are away traveling. It has given new meaning to the phrase home is where the heart is.

Now double check this image against your current reality. Do you find perhaps that you have too much stuff around you or that the furniture that you have is old hand me downs that you never liked but “they were free”. Or is it the books that you have been holding on to for years because they are “collectors items”…”resource library for others”…”still reading them”. Each of us chooses unique ways to learn our lessons in duality, the 3-D reality. Feng Shui teaches us that less is more and getting rid of the old makes room for the new. Do not accept lack of money as an excuse for why you do not surround yourself in perfection and beauty. Money is simply a form of energy and exchange. Many who complain of a lack of money often are out of balance with the natural flow of giving and receiving and so they have no money but they have lots of possessions (holding on). When you free yourself of the holding on or attachments to your things then you often find that you start to receive in abundance from the universe.

Those things that you need and want can come in many different ways. Perhaps you decide it is time to get a new dining room table and chairs but you perceive that you do not have the money to pay for it. Try first finding something in your house that you no longer need and can sell or trade. Then give the clear intention that you are ready to create that perfect dining room table and chairs. Do not try to figure out how it is going to manifest because you may be interfering in the process or limiting the possibilities. Perhaps it will come as a gift from someone who has a set that they no longer need and it is taking up space. This author once had someone give him a beautiful 4’X8′ oak table with 10 chairs only 2 days after doing the above. The donor of the dining room table and chairs offered that she would take a cosmic IOU in payment ! Avoid setting limits for yourself by saying you can not afford something.

When you have decided that you can create what you want and need, here are some self help items that you can begin with:

Clutter and Debris

Get rid of the old and make room for the new. Less is more!

Fix and Repair

Windows are the eyes of the Chi (life force energy) and affect ones clarity so replace broken glass panes and clean the windows; plumbing represents our digestive system so repair those leaky faucets and clogged drains; the electrical is our neurological system so tend to your electrical needs; HVAC heating ventilation and air-conditioning represents the lungs and breathing so make sure that the ducts are clean and free of bacteria, and replace the standard air filter with a HEPA filter which is much more effective; a sticking door can contribute to tension between partners in the home so ease a tight fit.


If your back is to the door or entrance into the kitchen while you are cooking then install a mirror behind the stove. This helps to create a more balanced environment for the chef. The energy of the chef is imparted into the food so for this reason we pay special attention to the stove. Also be sure and rotate your use of each burner as this is important for prosperity.

Master Bed

Place the master bed in the position with the most commanding view of the bedroom door. We spend about 1/3 of our lives in bed in an open vulnerable state and so it is important that this area be supportive to our being. Our relationship to the doorway into the bedroom is important because the door is the mouth of the Chi (life-force energy).

Front entrance

The main entrance to the house or building is the main mouth of the Chi. This is where symbolically all the Chi enters the building. It is important that the main entrance be clear, open and well defined. Make sure that there is a clear even path to the front door and that the hedges are trimmed back. The main entrance is also used for the positioning of the Ba Gua, an octagon, which is superimposed on the foot print of the house.(See diagram) From the BaGua we are able to discern much useful information about the environment and lives of the occupants. It is a powerful tool used to correct imbalances.


Make sure that there is adequate natural lighting as well as artificial lighting throughout the building. Use full spectrum lighting (found at health food stores, they are light blue/purple on the outside) in key areas where you spend time and then you can mix in super energy efficient low wattage fluorescents for energy conservation. These use only 15 watts of electricity for 60-70 watts of output and they last a long time. Many local power companies offer these at subsidized rates.

Embrace your environment

Embrace your environment as if it were a part of you which it is! For those who are more sensitive to energies there is more that can be done. Begin by clearing any old denser energies from the environment by using sage, incense, candles, chimes, or just by singing and dancing throughout the environment with clear intention. Fill your environment with love and light. This can be done as often as you feel is useful but in particular should be done when first occupying space or after some trauma has occurred. Environments sometimes do hold onto old energies from previous occupants so it is helpful to clear them.

Feng Shui also has a way of using colors to create balance. There are several philosophies about color but they are all based on the principle that every color has a unique vibrational frequency. Feng Shui seeks to have all colors in harmonic balance with a representation of each of the primary colors in your space. This might be thought of in a similar way to the 7 colors of the chakras, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, purple. It is fine to have white walls and then balance out the colors with the rugs, pictures chairs etc. Avoid too much of any one color such as brown floor, brown walls, brown ceiling.

Feng Shui stresses the importance of integrating the practical/tangible issues with the transcendental/intangible aspects. The practical/tangible aspects include such issues as color, placement of furniture, lighting, doorways, floor plans, electrical pollution, air quality etc. The transcendental/intangible aspects are beyond intellectual understanding and involve mantras, mudras, and visualizations to affect change in our environment. It is important to combine practical aspects with transcendental aspects for maximum results. Considering only the practical aspects of Feng Shui might be 40% effective in creating harmonious space, however when the practical is combined with the transcendental then it may have a 140% effectiveness. Knowledge of these transcendental aspects allows a Feng Shui Practitioner to see through our environment what we are unable to see in our selves.

Everyone can learn to connect with their environment in more whole ways and it is time for us to do so. We can no longer continue to abuse the environments. Feng Shui is becoming popular not as a fad but rather as a universal truth. Many are finding ways of explaining what was done intuitively in the past or why other things have not worked so well. The time is now! This is our wake up call.

Love and Embrace your environments as part of you and it will joyously give back to you Love and Universal Peace. This is Feng Shui in its purity.

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