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The Fountains and Dreamlights that you see on this website are original creations that are entirely made by hand. Each design varies slightly in appearance, color, shape and size. No two Fountains or Dreamlights are alike. No two natural stone creations are alike. All sizes are approximate. When you order one of these Fountains or Dreamlights for your home or office, don’t expect them to look just like the picture you see - each stone is different in shape and size, but they are all equally beautiful creations of nature, and their weight and size is extremely close.

For eons, man strove to harness the awesome power of fire and the mystical properties of semiprecious minerals. This manufacturer has succeeded in combining both of these properties in the fountains and dreamlights for your home. Each gemstone has its own unique properties to enhance your life. The natural stones, crystals and gems will bring all the great powers of Feng Shui Ch’i (water and wind) into your home or office .They are decorative as well as therapeutic and calming. When choosing a Fountain or Dreamlights you will need to know:
AMETHYST AMETHYST - This multifaceted gemstone is known as the Peace Stone because it enhances a person’s spirituality and contentment. It transmutes energy and awakens one’s talents. Using this rich, purple gem is the perfect way to end a hectic day listening to the soothing, trickeling watersof your fountain.
CITRINE CITRINE - Often called Golden Topaz, this gem is perhaps the most healing of the dreamlights. When aligned with the solar-plexus chakra, citrine helps doubtfulness, strengthens the immune system and removes depression and irritability. Lighting these dreamlights around your indoor bath, jacuzzi or pool will increase your general health.
CRYSTAL QUARTZ CRYSTAL QUARTZ - The stone of Power and Harmony, quartz is universally recognized for its wondrous power to amplify, focus and store energy. It promotes clear thinking and psychic abilities. It is the most translucent of all the fountains and dreamlights and when lighted, one can even recognize inclusions that are older than mankind! No one should be without it’s healing powers.
GREEN AVENTURINE GREEN AVENTURINE - This milky-green to jade-colored gem is a most potent stone. It activates and clears the heart chakra. Use this stone whenever you are having trouble making up your mind, for aventurine reinforces decisiveness.
ORANGE CALCITE ORANGE CALCITE - A true, harmonious hue of translucent orange, this gem is known for its ability to lower blood pressure and instill vitality and vigor. A great choice for your office or work and study area.
ROSE QUARTZ ROSE QUARTZ - Well known as the Stone of Romance, rose quartz promotes joy, happiness and love of self and others. A great item for yourself or the scrooge in your life, this translucent pinkstone relieves stress and provides emotional balance. Europeans place rose quartz next to their computer screens to counter harmful rays emitting from them. Every office area should be enhanced with this stone.
SODALITE SODALITE - A deep blue gem laced with white striates, sodalite is reminiscent of our globe as seen from space. Sodalite enhances truthfulness in emotions. It provides for fellowship and encourages trust. This stone also stimulates the intellect and eliminates confusion.
table top water fountain This gorgeous table top water fountain with an exquisite pure copper fountain bowl brings the soothing, relaxing sounds of nature to any environment. An imported Raja slate tile (from India) hangs from a pure copper curved pipe, creating a classy and beautiful look. Water flows from the top of the pipe through small holes and gently streams down the slate tile into the pool over various shaped glossy river rocks. A powder coating ensures that the copper finish stays beautiful. The soothing sound of the water streaming into the copper rock dish is designed to replicate the sense of sitting by a calm pool or country stream. There is no better way to create a sense of tranquility and peace in any room you choose. All of our copper fountains and portrait fountains with copper are created with this type of powdered copper and polished finish and slate.

High Quality Decorative Indoor Fountains
We offer a great selection of decorative indoor fountains. If you are looking for rustic water fountains or other interior fountains and water features, you have come to the right place. Our decorative indoor fountains will add life to any room. offers a variety of products including: stone garden sculpture fountains, original stone or rock fountains, household garden water fountains, stone face water fountains, unique decorative home fountains, affordable interior water fountains and so much more. When it comes to decorative indoor fountains, we are your specialists
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