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 What do you need?  Solar, Electric or maybe both.......

Welcome to Fountains Feng Shui 

We offer the highest quality water fountains available for your home, office and garden settings.  Our natural stone and copper fountains are hand crafted by artisans both in the United States and in Europe.  The crystal stones and geodes we use in making our fountains come from Brazil, while the slate for our fountains comes from Spain. We strive to offer you a choice in the best water fountains we can make available.  We promise the best service possible for your choice in fountains.

GO GREEN - With SOLAR Fountains !
             We Have  "NEW" Battery Run Solar Fountain Kits Available
 "New Battery Combo" GARDEN SOLAR KIT SALE


The Distinctive Mist Fountain Collection on this site transforms ordinary water into a magical fog.  All Mist are made of glass, with striking colors flowing through your fog. These fountains are soothing for Aromatherapy. Click ALL to see full line.

Natural Stones Fountains make of stones that come straight from the earth are therapeutic; bringing your home or office energizing feng shui chi. These stunning hand made indoor fountains are made from stone brought from Brazil. They are hand crafted into beautiful works of art. The only factory in the US making these fountains has closed.  When these natural stones are sold there may be no more for a very long time.  There beauty will last until the end of time.

These copper fountains will last forever, turning to a beautiful patina on the natural copper partsand maintaining their permanent colors on the hand painted areas. These fountains are hand tooled by artists in the state of Massachusetts.


A Real Garden Attraction, The Lightweight Fiberglass Acorn Garden Fountain

FENG SHUI TIP OF THE MONTH: Wherever there is water, there is wealth.
Stimulating water with movement activates income streams,
while lighting it will help energize the water to give it increased wealth potential.
Adding plants to the water provides 'peach blossom luck, which helps romance.
Keeping your water clean imparts auspicious wealth energy.
Placing water at the front of your residence puts wealth in front of you.
Namaste,    Kathryn Weber, Feng Shui Master

NEW at Fountains Feng Shui is the exquisite Firepots, Fire Fountains, Fire Tables and Garden Stools. These beautiful garden enhancements are hand crafted ceramic and artisan glazed to produce a stunning accent to any arrangement.  When finished,  look very much like a jeweled cloissone piece. Transform your patio, garden or home environment to produce warm, relaxing feng shui chi. These Fire Fountains can be run with either electric or solar pumps.

Copper Portrait Wall Fountains are made of high-tech acrylic and natural copper. All portrait paint is sealed. Water flows down the front of the panel, over the sealed paint into the copper tray. The sound these magnificent fountains make is soothing and energizing. There are tiny back lights available for indoor fountains. These lights give the most luxurious look to the famous portraits, lighting up your evenings with sound and elegance. You will find these a real conversation piece. Each fountain is handmade and can be ordered to custom fit any wall or space.

At Fountains Feng Shui we take pride in carrying only the best quality Natural StoneGemstonePietro StoneFiberglass, Slate, Solar  and Copper Water Fountains available anywhere.

Our fountains may cost a bit more than some of
our competetors look-alike fountains, but we can guarantee you will receive the finest water fountain of its kind. A water fountain from Fountains Feng Shui is a work of art.  


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Except For Custom Fountains

Fountains Feng



High Quality Decorative Indoor Fountains
We offer a great selection of decorative indoor fountains. If you are looking for rustic water fountains or other interior fountains and water features, you have come to the right place. Our decorative indoor fountains will add life to any room. offers a variety of products including: stone garden sculpture fountains, original stone or rock fountains, household garden water fountains, stone face water fountains, unique decorative home fountains, affordable interior water fountains and so much more. When it comes to decorative indoor fountains, we are your specialists
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